Friday, April 29, 2011


Today is my last Friday here. I'm off on Monday because Scarlett's daycare is closed for training and then I have three more days next week. THREE.

I feel like a suck horribly at this whole blog thing. I read other blogs and feel like I don't write well enough. I'm not fashionable either. But ya know what? Sometimes I feel like some of the blogs out there only share the happy stuff. Hell with that I say, I'm sure they are in ratty clothes half of the time and have their bad days like the rest of us. And I'm just going to be myself and write what I want to write whether people read it or not. I need to write for myself and just be done with it.

Right now I'm not happy anyways which is a big part of it. I hate my job, although that's going to soon be remedied, have so little time with Scarlett, am very unhealthy and have all this extra weight and my brain is a mess. I'm hoping that with quitting, getting more active and being with Scarlett everyday will help me get back to myself.

I'm a nervous mess these days.

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  1. You are sooo close to a major change. Hang in there!