Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Awesome Weekend

I planned on including the billions of pictures I took this weekend but I'm at work so that would require emailing myself all of them from my phone and yada yada yada. So how about a written description for now? I'll make sure to actually post tonight from home so I can just pull the pictures in from iphoto. So much easier!

Matt worked on Saturday so Scarlett and I spent most of the day playing, coloring, etc. It was quite rainy out so we just kept busy inside.

Sunday we met up with Matt's parents at Bass Pro (better than the mall) to see the Easter bunny. They got there early and snagged the 3rd spot in line so that made a huge difference in Scarlett's mood. She is certainly not patient and standing in line is not her favorite thing. She thought the Easter bunny (or munny, as she says) was the coolest thing she had ever seen. We then went to see the fishies and then headed to Toys R Us from there.

We have been meaning to get her a Cozy Coupe for a while and they had them on sale for $39. We also had a $5 Little Tikes coupon so it was an awesome deal :)

Matt's parents took her home with them while we made a quick trip to Costco and then we hung out over there for a while.

She hadn't napped all day so on the trip home she was absolutely out. She slept for a few hours, had dinner, and then we played outside the rest of the day. Went for a stroller ride around the neighborhood while Matt put together the Cozy Coupe and then played in the backyard.

Guess that was a bit boring without pictures but they're coming, promise. Also I suck at this blogging thing (have tried several times over the past few years, but am going to attempt to keep this one up) but you can also follow me at twitter for more regular updates and pictures. Just started it and it's so much easier than blogging - quick updates and pictures via instagram are the way to go. Username is ohcrys (that was a title of a previously failed blog. Sigh).

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