Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Easter "Munny" and I can't freaking concentrate.

Adorable right? The dress is too big but fortunately you can't tell in the picture. Skinny girl... and she would absolutely not wear the sandals I bought her. Girl has a major foot problem. Clipping her fingernails? No problem! Toenails? TORTURE! She doesn't like to have her bare feet touched - socks are fine though it seems. Will not wear sandals. Don't get that one.

But she can of course touch her own feet...

Anyways she thought the Easter Munny was the absolute shit. Only reason she wasn't smiling was due to all the people looking at her. She was looking around like you want me to entertain you guys or something?

Today has been spent completely slacking at work. I mean, 9 more days to go, and I may be physically here but not so much mentally. I've spent the day looking up library story times, community center activities including swim classes and $1 resident playdates and only $95 for the entire year for gym access for the whole family (well, minus Scarlett), dude! Can't wait to go to the zoo and Grant's Farm and the Science Center and City Museum and the Botanical Gardens and holy crap I'm excited. My awesome mother in law (I totally hit the mother in law jackpot guys!) is off on Mondays so it's on!

I used to hate the summer because I sweat horribly. I mean, I was a warm baby and sweat like crazy even if I'm skinny. Which I'm so not skinny right now. So the sweat? It's bad. But who cares what anyone thinks - I'm going to focus on Scarlett having fun.

And speaking of the extra weight, I have 30lbs to shed before I even think about getting pregnant again. And I'm not in a rush for that to happen because I want to enjoy the summer with Scarlett without having months and months of morning sickness again. So I'm hoping to lose the 30 I put on after I had her (yeah, after, ugh) and then the baby making activities will start in the fall/winter (hubba,hubba!). Ideally I'd like to lose, or rather need to lose, more around 60 but let's be realistic here and start small. Baby steps! I'm going to start eating better next week and will start exercising more then as well. It'll be easier at home anyways because I don't have a soda machine at work (baaaad) or people bringing in baked goods.

Better end my rambling, sorry I was all over the place but I. AM. EXCITED!

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