Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today is my birthday. And also a craptastic day so far. Matt is working late due to a meeting and won't be home until after the baby punk is fast asleep and drooling on her bear bear. He is, however, bringing me dinner. So that's good, right?

Tomorrow in my morning touch base with my boss I'm going to break the news that I'm quitting... and it will be my official 4 week notice. Part of me doesn't want to give them that much notice due to many factors but then again I'm the only one here at this site with no backup for site specific items. So since I care TOO much about everything and I do care about the people left behind, I'm going to give a month's notice. Still scary as hell though. With budget cuts and layoffs and all that going on now and the previous years, everything is tight and they're not going to be happy.

Gotta do what's right for myself and my family, however. Too much stress right now and I'm not the mom I want to be (and know I can be). I seriously need to get my health back in check as well as I'm a mess medically.

May 21st would be 10 years for me. So yeah, although I'm not happy right now it's still going to be hard.

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