Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My brain has been all over the place lately... understandable considering in approximately 3 weeks I'm going to be done with my job.

I've been trying to remain motivated but it's been near impossible. There's been a lot of frustration at work due to politics and well I just feel USED.

Scarlett has seemed to make up for all of the frustration and stress by being cuddly and adorable. She's normally not incredibly cuddly but last night while Matt was working late she was attached to me for most of the night... and I ate it up. I just laid on the floor and she would be wild and try to wrestle with me and then come in for a hug or give me a kiss. So freaking sweet. I hated to put her to bed when the time came but I knew if I didn't she'd be an absolute crab in the morning.

She was pretty difficult this morning despite going to bed by a reasonable time... not wanting anything we tried to give her for breakfast and being so particular about this jacket or that jacket and various other things. I know, normal toddler behavior right? She is officially 20 months today and it's painful yet exciting at the same time to see just how grown up she is these days. She remained silent during the car ride to daycare but when I got her in she just buried her little head between my neck/shoulder and just didn't want me to go. And it was so, so hard to walk out and just go to work.

Soon she'll have her mama all the time. I know it will not always be easy but I'm up for the challenge. And I can't freaking wait.

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  1. I'm cheering you on, cheering US on. Congratulations!