Monday, June 6, 2011


I've got a big (err, more like HUGE) list of topics I want to blog about but right now? I'd rather just do the stream of consciousness thing. My brain is still a jumbled mess but it is improving so there's hope.

It's been a month since I quit. A month since I've been home with my lovely, ok, most of the time she's lovely, little pixie and I still can't believe time has gone by this quickly. We still do not have a good schedule established and that's really starting to give everyone the crabbies around here. Scarlett's naps are random, and although she sleeps about the same amount of time each day the times she actually naps are all over the place. She has reverted back to two naps most days, which isn't normal for a 22 month old from what I know. She was on an excellent schedule at daycare but we could never get her to sleep at the same time on the weekends. And now that she's home full time with me, well, it's like that everyday. She also pretty much flat out refuses to sleep anywhere but in the car or her bed. Even pack 'n plays at both grandparents houses aren't working so great anymore. And in the stroller or on me? Negative. This makes going out anywhere hard if it's going to be more than an hour or so.

And all those things I researched and bookmarked excitedly while I was still working? I'm talking about the story times at the library, mom groups, free activities, play times at the rec center near us, etc., etc.... well those haven't happened yet either. I told myself after the first week I'd be all settled and all would be well. HAHA. That is so not the case. It's not like we've been sitting around the house all day, but still... Just not exactly what I envisioned.

I've also had to learn how to do most things alone with a feisty toddler around. You'd think that I would be used to this since she's nearly 2, right? I mean doing laundry while your toddler is around would be a basic thing every mom does? Well not this mama. Our laundry area is in the unfinished utility room in the basement and I could never find a good way to keep her out of stuff. I only ever did laundry when Matt was home and could play with her. And cooking? Only ever did anything beyond the very basic easy stuff when he was home as well. Now as I'm typing this it sounds so stupid but it's true. I never felt like doing anything elaborate after working 10 hours at my stressful job anyways.

So it's been an incredibly big adjustment. Getting used to spending less, doing things with Scarlett around while keeping her safe and entertained, teaching her...

As hard as it's been, though, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

More to come, promise!

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