Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lions and Tigers and bugs... oh my!

So Scarlett has discovered what bugs are and instead of being fascinated she's quite terrified of them. I once killed a small spider near her doorway and she constantly reminds me of that event. She likes to point at the spot excitedly yelling "Buggy! Buggy, mama! Buggy, bye bye!".

Of course the big scary ones tends to come out when Daddy's not around. I have good luck like that, you know? Also, I'm terrified of bugs. I do, however, make sure to not freak in front of Scarlett because I do not want to make her fear of bugs any worse.

Like the other day, I had just changed her diaper, set her down, and was throwing the old one away. She started saying, "Buggy! Buggy!". My back was to her but I assured her there wasn't a bug as she tends to see them everywhere even when there are none. I assumed she either transformed a speck of dirt into a bug with her mind or was reminding me of the one I killed in the doorway. She persisted, yelling "Buggy!" so I turned around. A freaking huge house centipede. EEEEEEEEK! It took all I had not to shriek because I'm a scaredy cat like that. I had to give myself a little internal pep talk upon the realization that I was going to have to step on this monster.

I held it together and stepped on him, with an audible crunch! and a nice little bloody spot on the floor. Gross. Cleaned it up with a wipe and that was that.

Now she has two spots in her room to remind me of.

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